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Newcomers Information in Marble Hill, Missouri

Welcome to your new place of residence in Marble Hill, Missouri. We would like to offer any information to help answer all your questions about the area.

Our Utilities page offers many different companies that you may need to contact for starting services with your new place of residence. If you haven't already completed a change of address form with the local post office, you can contact the postmaster by telephone at 238-2662.

If you need to enroll your children in our local school system, the secretary to the superintendent can be contacted at 238-3343 to provide information.

Once you have settled in . . . please ensure that you register to vote and if you need the details with churches, local news, restaurants, taxes and licenses please give us a call at 238-3622.

Welcome to the City of Marble Hill, Missouri from the Mayor, Board of Aldermen and staff.

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